BMW i3s for The Redline

A little less into the wilderness for this Redline shoot. The BMW i3 is Bavaria's first fully-electric hatchback (although a range-extending petrol engine is available) and a car whose interior would not be out of place in an expensive furniture store's catalogue. The i3s adds a bit more power to the electric motors, and some tweaked handling. So, I guess, the s stands for "sport"?


We actually had two different versions of the i3 out on the shoot. There was the i3s, with all its punch, sharpness pure-silence and a regular i3. The regular i3 has a bit less punch and a little less refinement to the sharpness, but is just as silent. Or it would be if it weren't fitted with the more-or-less microscopic petrol engine that charges the batteries to give you a smidge more range and take the edge off some of the range anxiety.


You can check out more photos in the gallery below, and check out the thoughts of an actual motoring journalist at the

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