BMW M2 Competition for The Redline

Another shoot, another extremely fun bit of kit.

This is the BMW M2 Competition. It’s an update to the M2, a car that was already a lot of fun despite the fact the one time I got to drive one it was from Sydney Airport to Surry Hills via O’Riordan Street and to suggest that trip isn’t one in which you get to explore what that car is capable of.

But I digress.

Peter Anderson at The Redline handed me the keys to the new and improved M2 for a night and - if you’ll allow me to borrow a Brian Taylorism - wowee.


Fun, sharp, agile and shockingly quick. I was sad to have to hand the keys back. So was the father-in-law (my stunt driver for the action shots) to the point he at least started doing the spreadsheet to figure how just how many kidneys he’d have to sell to get one.

Anyway, you can read the full review by a professional over on The Redline and enjoy a small selection of the images I did to accompany it below.