Ferrari 812 Superfast for The Redline

For the majority of car people, there are few things more exciting than getting to play with a Ferrari.

My latest shoot with The Redline was the Ferrari 812 Superfast which, the Italian stallion’s website suggests, will make you “shift into the 12th dimension”. What those extra dimensions are, I have no idea. But it certainly moves you through the existing four we all know more than well enough.


Under the rather long bonnet, but somehow still wedged up against the firewall, is an engine containing 12 cylinders with 6.5 litres of displacement. It produces…a great many things: lots of power, lots of shove through the rear wheels, and lots of that sound you really only get from a Ferrari engine.


The inside is quite nice too, I don’t think I’ll ever not enjoy having the ignition being a big red start button on the steering wheel, nor a button simply marked “launch” in the centre console.


I’m not qualified to talk about what it’s like to drive - because I didn’t take it for a spin - but from the passenger seat it didn’t try to rearrange my vertebrae, so that’s a positive.

I think I am, however, qualified to comment on its looks. And it looks stunning. There are not too many cars that can work the matte-grey look, but the 812 Superfast does it very, very well. You may disagree, but you’d be wrong.

Anyway, enjoy some more photos from the day below, and keep an eye on The Redline for Peter’s full review and video.

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