Renault Zoe - An electric car that is just a car

Electric cars are the future (hydrogen fans: do not @ me) but for the main, the ones you can buy tend to lean far too heavily into the World of Tomorrow mindset. Everything is futuristic.

So what if you wanted a car that was, well, a car but one that just happened to be powered by electricity and not dinosaur juice?

Say hello to the Renault Zoe.


It's an electric car that looks like a car, has the insides of a normal Renault car (which, frankly, doesn't do it too many favours) but just happens to have an electric motor under the bonnet and batteries under the floor.

Highlights include the charging port being hidden being the badge on the nose and the rather jaunty driving position that comes as a result of you having to sit on top of a small mountain of batteries.


Overall the Zoe is nice. Probably not worth the $50k+ plus asking price thanks to the inside being Very Renault and coming with all the faults of that.

It's not as quick off the line as something like the BMW i3 or a Tesla Model S/X, but that's not a bad thing. Not everything has to be a sports car.

You’ll be able to read the full review from Peter Anderson on Drive Zero a bit later.

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